Winter Ramblings


Winter in South Africa is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, it can get ‘vrek koud’ (said whilst shivering despite wearing layers of clothing). Although It doesn’t snow in the city of Port Elizabeth (where I reside) or usually in any of the other cities in South Africa, temperatures can become rather icy. Snow is often found higher up on some of the mountain ranges such as the Drakensberg Mountains in Natal (that’s where I first played in snow as a young child). Even the Winterberg Mountains closer to Port Elizabeth occasionally get a light dusting of snowflakes during some of the more colder winters. Okay, thats enough geography and climatography for now…suffice to say that I prefer the cooler weather as I rather enjoy snuggling up next to a fireplace; an occasional glass of red wine in one hand and a good book in the other. Hibernation?… Mmhmm…stocking up on cupcakes and coffee?… tempting!!!

The beautiful Winter colours and sunsets are my favourite. God sure is a master Artist! Even the starkness of a deciduous tree has a rare beauty of its own.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a leisurely afternoon cheese and wine with some of my female colleagues (we are high school teachers and it’s our Winter holiday). We giggled and shared stories about our lives and our families. I so enjoyed my afternoon in this warm and inviting environment. I was struck by the fact that a lot of the furniture within this home was either classic or antique and the sort of priceless stuff that one doesn’t find in any of today’s retail furniture stores. Upon enquiring, our host informed me that a lot of the furniture pieces were passed down from generations before. Something of value had weathered the seasons of time! I loved this! Yes, not every one has the luxury of heirlooms but every purchase one makes can be a well thought through one. Some of the furniture and items I’ve bought can barely make it beyond the one year mark let alone twenty years. There is the typical Afrikaans saying, ‘goedkoop is duurkoop’and I am discovering this to be true.

I’m now endeavouring to buy quality and long lasting furniture and clothing as opposed to main stream mass produced items. This means choosing well, supporting local artisan businesses and sometimes spending more. With that in mind, there are a few key items that I hope to obtain. One of which was a briefcase. After much SAVING up, research and deliberation, I bought a beautiful leather briefcase from Silkroutetrader. See their website here.

It arrived just in time to be teamed up with with the neutral tones that I’m so enjoying this winter.

I hope you have a lovely weekend snuggling up.

All my love

Ps. I’m off to enjoy a steaming hot mug of Masterton’s Alaskan Snowgoose Blend. As Mastertons aptly said…’it’s a stronger blend for the colder months of Winter’

My new leather briefcase

Winter sunset


A cappuccino a day keeps the chills away




A trip to the annual ‘Wildfees’, in Kirkwood, proved fruitful. I bought local honey, wine and a hand knitted scarf from a local knitting project, Nomvula’s Knitters

The best way to keep ones hands warm