Winter Ramblings


Winter in South Africa is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, it can get ‘vrek koud’ (said whilst shivering despite wearing layers of clothing). Although It doesn’t snow in the city of Port Elizabeth (where I reside) or usually in any of the other cities in South Africa, temperatures can become rather icy. Snow is often found higher up on some of the mountain ranges such as the Drakensberg Mountains in Natal (that’s where I first played in snow as a young child).

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The Road To Recovery

The road to recovery is paved with many experiences, some smooth and some rough!

One of these experiences took place on the 9th of July 2013, a year ago today. I remember it as a particularly difficult but victorious date. It was the day of sentencing in my hijack/rape trial. My family had already spent the whole morning at the High Court. I wasn’t going to go to court that day despite the Public Prosecutor’s strong encouragement to me to do so for the sake of closure. As far as I was concerned, I had already testified a year prior to that, with my attackers a few meters away from me, and had absolutely no intention of ever setting my diminutive feet anywhere near, let alone in, court again!

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Be Like A Flamingo



I’ve always loved flamingos. Their brightness has always appealed to me. To me, flamingos connote beauty, grace and balance. (I’m talking about the flamingo birds that wade in water, not the plastic ones that one finds in stereotypical American front yards).

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Thought For The Day- Pretty Pinterest

Hello lovely people.

I’m officially on holiday… Which is just delightful. I do however have plenty of work and planning to do. It’s a chilly weekend in PE so I have spent some time today wrapped up in a blanket and on Pinterest (and not working!) I find Pinterest rather therapeutic. It’s great for my creativity and is a lot less messy than actually cutting out pictures and scrapbooking them.

You are welcome to have a peek at my boards on Pinterest.

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It’s How You Say It.

YouTube video

It’s not what you say it’s how you say it!

Nina Millin is performing Beyoncé Knowles’s record winning songs as monologues. Although they are funny to watch, they are such a good reminder that how way we say things can totally change the way it is received.

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A Victory Laurel

I have been contemplating this for two years; two whole years of ‘should I or shouldn’t I. If I do, what will people say? Do I care what people say? What are my motives? Can I imagine myself still being happy with this decision in 40 years time?’

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Thought For The Day 3

A dear friend of mine arrived at my home last night armed with this delish Cab Sav. The name, Petit, meaning ‘little’ in French. This reminded me of the Shakespeare quote, ” Though she be but little, she is fierce”

We had such a lovely time sharing stories over a glass and a plate of spicy chilli con carne.

It’s so important to have quality friends who walk with you through ALL the journeys in life.




Thought for the day

Life isn’t always perfect… It isn’t just filled with cupcakes and confetti. It’s sometimes hard and painful. This picture I found on Pinterest says it beautifully.

Take your life. Have a good hard look at it… and LOVE IT! No matter what.