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If you live in South Korea, or are planning a trip in the future, here is a spot that many do not know about. Since the rapid birthrate decline, South Korea suddenly has many empty school buildings. These shells of yesteryear are unused and some are falling into a sad state.

However, there are many schools being transformed and repurposed into new and modern spaces. One of these is Yudong Elementary School. The school was closed down and no longer educated children from 1994. 6 years later it found new owners and a new purpose. It would however take another 10 years before it’s doors would open as Ami Art Museum, a private art gallery. A space that once formally educated young children, now provides a cultural education for children and all other visitors. 

Ami Art Museum is located in Dangjin-si, Chungnam, Korea, where cultural development of Dangjin citizens and community cultural activities of citizens take place. Not only is the art work inside, but the ivy covered building is itself, an art piece.

The gallery not only focuses on paintings, but also provides opportunities for cultural and artistic enjoyment to the underprivileged and serves as a forum for local cultural communication.

You can expect to see art work hung on the walls whilst vines poke through the window frames as if to compete for attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the 5 exhibition rooms. However, no DSLR cameras are permitted. Only cellphones. I discovered this after taking a few photos.


Entrance Fee: 5,000krw for Adult, 3,000krw for Child


Telephone No.☏ 041) 353-1555

Address: 753-4 Sinsung-myeon South Road, Dangjin, Chungnam Province (former address: 160-1, Seongbuk-ri, Suseong-myeon, Dangjin-


■ By Car

– From Dangjin Terminal City Hall, 7km from Pusan Dudok area, you will see Ami Art Museum on your left.

■ Public transportation

– Dangjin Intercity Bus Terminal -> Suseong

Take a bus from the Dangjin New Terminal Intercity Bus Terminal (51, 51-1, 52, 52-1, 52-2, 53, 54, 54-1, 54-2, 55, 80-5, 82-2)

If you get off at the “Seongbuk 2 Li” stop, you can go straight to Ami Art Museum.

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