Small things with BIG impacts

I have a heart for small things, things that some people might not notice at first or overlook. Oh no, I see gems and appreciate the small things! Like last week, a lady I study with (who is middle-aged and been through her fair share of curve balls) walked into our evening class with this particular air about her. I don’t even think she was aware of it but it was literally oozing out her pores and shining in her eyes- a sparkle I had never seen in her eyes before. Funny thing is she was not flaunting it- she was just being herself, but she even held her head higher and spoke with extra confidence! The reason for all of this??


Yep, love love love love love!!!!!

Someone had seen her worth and was not prepared to let it slip away. He was woo-ing her and treating her in a way I don’t think she felt she even deserved. But here she was a princess of the Kingdom being treated as she deserved and what an effect it had on her heart.

It’s amazing the effect it has, when one is treated with love! Similarly the detrimental effect when one is ill-treated.

I just though it was so beautiful to see this closed up flower, slowly open and start to show its colours and release its fragrance.

The second things I witnessed last week that also impacted my heart was when I assisted a dear friend at a farm school. These kids know the meaning of hardship, sadness and poverty, yet when I walked into the school, those precious little kids were the best behaved children I have EVER seen in a classroom (and I have taught some real prima donnas)

They were just so hungry to learn and so appreciative of what they had. WOW, A small observation that had a huge pull on my heart.

Keep your eyes open for little things that some overlook, or things that are little to you but luxurious to others and just appreciate them!