Running Solo

Today I went for my first run on MY OWN since my attack. The last time I did that was a few hours before we were kidnapped! Such a sense of accomplishment! I was armed with a glass water bottle and pepperspray both ready to be used as weapons!

So many people take something as simple as running for granted. When your sense of safety is taken away you never quite feel the same again. You have to redefine and work through a lot of things in order to feel safe and function properly again. If people would just understand and be more complementary/encouraging with survivors of abuse- healing and restoration would be so much easier! Acknowledge their braveness behind things that are seemingly small to you but mean huge things to them….like going for a run.

Today I decided to be brave and go for it. Well done to those out there who are facing their fears. No matter how tired people get of hearing it- I will carry on singing of my and God’s victories