Be back soon!

Be back soon!

All this spring air has unfortunately gone to my lungs and I have been VERY sick in bed for over two weeks with a bad case of bronchitis. Finally having the high court trial over and maneuvering through life after that has also caused this body of mine to declare a time out… Stress is not a kind thing!

I look forward to having a frothy double shot cappuccino and sharing my experiences with you as soon as I feel better.

Blessings and hugs until then

10 000 Reasons To Be Grateful


We all adopt attitudes towards situations. The attitude or stance we take on things can greatly affect the way we handle things and that in turn determines the direction in which we move – either forwards – to embrace the change and overcome obstacles, or backwards to retreat into a place of possible anger bitterness, frustration and despair.

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Time To… Flourish!


Yesterday was a typical hot South African day. Where most sensible people headed off to the beach…no, not I… I felt like doing some retail damage… SO I headed off to the shops with the full intention of walking away with some beautiful (yet highly unneccessary) fashion item to put into my already brimming cupboard.

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Facing my GI(ants)

This is probably one of the toughest articles I will ever write. There is so much for me to say, yet seemingly not enough words in the English language to do the emotions of facing my GIants justice.

I thought it best to give myself some time and space to reflect and recover and also to look at things from a distance (literally and figuratively as I went away on a little Vay Cay down the Garden Route after appearing in court). 

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