Scattering Seeds Of Hope


Two weeks ago I wrote a post about flourishing, and this week I had the honour and privilege of my first speaking event this year. I was invited to share about my journey and the concept of flourishing with a very special group of women.

I felt hugely excited and just a teensy bit nervous all at the same time! Although I have studied Performing Art, been a Presenter for a kiddies TV programme, and public speaking comes pretty naturally to me, I guess telling one’s own story is a whole new thing – it’s not about performing and acting – it’s about being authentic and transparent and vulnerable – oneself! Sometimes this can feel a little raw and one can feel vulnerable but I have found that most often, it encourages others to feel free and safe enough to take off their masks and be truly themselves and freer to share their own stories. Authenticity is so liberating.

Although I had yet to meet most of these ladies and despite most of them never seeing my face or shaking my hand prior to this engagement, they had heard of me and my story and had been faithfully covering me in prayer for the last three years. Wow! How grateful I am for people like this!

I had a good laugh when I was told that they couldn’t wait to meet me because they felt as though they already knew me! I guess they knew of me and about me…but the real me they were still to experience for themselves.

And that got me thinking,.. so often we may hear or read what others say about God and we think that we know Him, but to really know Him we first need to ‘meet’ Him personally and discover Him for ourselves. This entails a personal relationship and not just hearsay. He longs and waits for that moment!

It was wonderful meeting and chatting with each special lady and have them pray for me and me for them! Oh the joy of that personal connection. There is something so special about looking deeply into someone’s eyes and having a heart connection, even if just for a moment.

I must say if every group feeds me as well as they did we may have a BIG problem by the end of the year. Freshly baked milk tart (still warm and delightful), ginormous farm style scones with jam and a hefty dollop of cream… Oh did I mention the cupcakes and chocolate they gave me? Along with a bouquet of beautiful white flowers… I have a thing for white roses!

All this talk of cake. Perhaps I should go for a run and work off that milk tart…. Hmmmmm…