The Impact Statement My Mom Read In Court


The State Advocate had asked if one of the parents was prepared to compile and read out to the court an “Impact Statement” that told how the hijack and everything that followed had impacted on the families. As my mother has journeyed with me from the hospital examination room to helping me in my recovery, it was agreed that she would be the one to do so.

What I thought to do was to use her Impact Statement to really tell the story of what happened with regards to the hijack and rape, albeit from my parents perspective. Because it is quite long, I have broken it up into 10 “Chapters”, one of which I will post every day for the next 10 days, ending the day before what I now refer to as my “Life Day”. (This year I celebrate my 4th Life Day, which represents the 4th anniversary of the hijack.) As per my previous post,

I have called it my Life Day because It’s a time to acknowledge and celebrate my life, as one does on a birthday when celebrating ones birth.

Have a blessed evening.