Macaroon Metaphor


I took this photo 2 years ago of a truly French macaroon whilst I was in France.

It reminds me a bit of life.. There’s a beginning and an end… And a filling. The outsides are sometimes fluffy but often have hard hard bits, but towards the center it gets chewy and sweeter. I’m learning that life isn’t always sweet and tasty.. It often has bits of filling that had to get beaten up and squished in to a piping bag, and piped through a sharp piping nozzle in to being. Every macaroon is also a different flavour… We all walk a different journey! Don’t look at someone else and go, I want his / her pistachio-ness…

Unless you are willing to WALK the journey that got the flavour – you can’t just HAVE the flavour! My ‘flavour’ has come at a high cost! Also remember, you are a certain ‘flavour’ for a certain reason! Imagine if one only got chocolate macaroons?! We need the pistachio, peanut butter, strawberry, lemon flavours etc