Family first

I am so blessed with an amazing family. I have always known this, but every so often, I am reminded  just how  truly blessed I really am!
Each one of our family members brings something unique to the tribe. We are far from perfect, but at the end of the day we love each other dearly and  would give up our lives for one another in the blink of an eye.
I seriously believe that if it wasn’t for God and my family I would still be a broken mess. I definitely wouldn’t be as far along the path of recovery as I am.  So today, I want to affirm and acknowledge my family.
My Parents are such gems.  Despite being treasures,  they do still drive me dilly at times, (Dad can be pedantic and Mom can be ott expressive) but mostly they are there to wholeheartedly love, support and encourage me.
My mom is my prayer warrior, she has a hotline to God that ALWAYS gets answered.  She is also my tea drinking companion during the nights when sleep eludes me.  Having said that she doesn’t ever need a second invitation to drink a cup of tea regardless of the time of day (or night!)  Mom is willing to give sacrificially for the good of others, including me.

My Dad, is such an amazing father. He  constantly models to me how a man treats a lady. He loves to bless me with little surprises like sometimes bringing me breakfast in bed (having a work from home Dad has advantages), going out of his way to cook and present delicious meals, writing me notes and loving and kind messages.  He also gives wonderful back massages! He is so kind and thoughtful.

My sister is like a best friend slash second mom . She is so creative, talented and the most caring and giving person I know. She has on many an occasion virtually taken the clothes off her back to give to me (it certainly helps that she has impeccable style and that she can afford to buy clothes that my non-existent student budget doesn’t permit ) haha

The three of them form my inner warrior tribe, then there is also my extended family and although too numerous to mention each by name, all are dearly loved, valued and appreciated.

I  have been doubly blessed with twin cousins who also happen to be my age too- and we are now known as the ‘triplets’.
Then there is my eccentric and amazing Ouma. Oh my word, I could write an article just about her because Oumie, Freesia May, is one of a kind!! She will be 88 next month but still has her hair& nails done once a week. She takes great care in herself and ALWAYS has a positive and happy disposition. You cant help but marvel at her! I’m not sure whether it is her sense of humour or the fact that she wears jeggings that people find the most incredulous! Last week whilst I was visiting her for tea,  she was watching the Tennis final between Nadal and Djokovic. I asked her who she would like to win the match. She answered in all seriousness, “Well, Nadal….” Thinking she was going to say Nadal must win…. “Nadal always scratches in his backside so I don’t want him to win!” hahahahahahaha!!! Trust my Oumie to be controversial!

I urge you, to always treat your family with honour and respect, even when you feel they don’t deserve it. Communicate with one another as much as possible because the seasons of life change and they won’t always be there (nor you for that matter).
I once read a quote that said. ‘never let a problem to be solved be bigger than a person to be loved’…  my family operates according to that motto!

I firmly believe that life is way too precious and short for regrets.
I chose to forgive my attackers  only hours after the traumatic ordeal because I was determined to not let anger and bitterness and unforgiveness rob my heart of what it was made for – it was made for life and love! anything other than that would rob me of  healing and recovery and my ability to continue living and loving.

So don’t go to sleep tonight or any night with anger in your heart. So go right now and hug one of your family members, or pick up that phone or do whatever you need to do…do it for the sake of their heart but especially your own.
I really like what Maya Angelou has to say about family, “I sustain myself with the love of family.” My sister recently got married, so I finally have a brother.


I thought I would share a photo of us looking all jolly and loving at her wedding. Have a great and blessed weekend