Dawn Breaks After The Darkest Hour

Last week Wednesday, the 21st of June, was the longest night of the year.

Painful situations or times of struggle are often referred to as dark nights. During recent weeks I have had some very, very, very long and very very dark nights.

When one goes through a ‘dark night of the soul’ time it is so difficult to keep your head up and actually see ahead of you, let alone be grateful for the light of life. Recently I have found myself in this place, where I have just felt so bogged down, disappointed and even despairing. I eventually thought even God was out there to get me.

Even though I have endured much pain the promise of morning is there. God has promised me that he uses everything for my good, even the night times and boy oh boy am I clinging to that promise.

Night time is the time when we do our resting, our rejuvenating.  So when better for the enemy to attack us at night when we are at rest and unsuspecting. My hijack was literally at night, a Friday night to be more specific.

When I actually took a step back and realised, hang on, you actually need to stop moping, groaning and being ungrateful and be JOYFUL in this time! Yes, joyful! It was the LAST thing I felt like doing.  When you are in that place, the morning seems SO far away.

There’s a line in the song ‘Shake it Out’ by Florence and the Machine, ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn.’

How very true!! The moment just before breakthrough, just before the sun starts to show its first glimmers of light, it is the darkest! Just like when a woman is in labour, the moment just before the baby is born is the most painful moment. So I am reminding myself to not give up before my morning arrives. Morning is dawning people! Wooohoooooo!! It’s so tough to see that when you are alone and afraid at midnight, but it’s a promise (and God is not a man that he should lie.)

Tree 63 sing a song called, ‘Alright’ that also speaks of this,

‘Though Darkness overcomes you now
Morning will break through somehow
It’s all going to be alright – It’s all going to be alright
Even this will pass – Tomorrow comes at last
It’s all going to be alright – It’s all going to be alright’
Sow in tears and reap with songs of joy
No sorrow lasts forever
It’s true yeah- It’s true yeah ‘

I don’t know about you, but this is very reassuring for me, to know that the ‘darkness’ of pain is not permanent and that our heavenly father is not only there with us through the pain, but he will also help us come out at the end of it, our morning.

Many could look at the pain I and others have endured and say how could God let that happen to you… I believe he did, he has given man the freedom of choice, and those men chose to harm me, but God promises to use it for my good. (Romans 8:28)

To correlate this with the night metaphor, the darkness of my night will make the morning light even brighter.

The learning in this for me, is to remember to not only be joyful when things are easy, but to remain hopeful in the difficult times. Lift that head up high and see the shining light of the night stars.

I look forward to experiencing and sharing stories of my morning light and new beginnings with you!