Dance through life…

Life is often perfectly summarised in lyrics. So often we will hear a song, and be like, ‘Hang on, did they write this song just for me?!’ Sometimes there are certain songs that get us really excited for something or help us through something. There are two special songs that I wanted to share with you, that have helped me through diffrent times. The first one is called Dance, by Jesus Culture. They are one of my favourite bands and I was privileged to see them live when they came to South Africa. I hadn’t heard this particular song until they performed it during that show. When they started performing I just couldn’t help but DANCE!! It is a perfect song to just dance to and lose yourself in. So often we need to just put everything down, put on our favourite music and just dance!

YouTube video

Music is so emotive, and is sometimes just what the heart needs! I really enjoy music and am quite surprised  that I wasn’t born with a musical instrument in my hands. In fact I don’t play any musical instrument at all..unless you count hitting pots and pans with spoons when you are two?! Who knows though…maybe just maybe I will learn to play an instrument? What you might ask? I’d love to play the drums.

The second song is called Dustbowl Dance, and is by an American band called Mumford and Sons. Wow.. these guys can make music! I really enjoy their style and lyrics. This song helps me when I’m not having the greatest of days and am feeling miserable. It’s the perfect song to let loose too!

YouTube video

On the topic of listening to music and letting loose, my mom definitely takes the cake for this one. Many a day I have come home to the Gypsy Kings BLARING! I could often hear it from outside the home, and upon entering would find my mom dancing around the house! ahahah! Good for her!! We should all do this, it helps free us and our emotions.

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy…. and don’t forget to just DANCE every now and then!!:)