Blossoming Vines

I have entered a new and beautiful  season in my life, with God using me and my story to  speak hope and healing into the lives of  others. Wow, what a privilege this is!  It has not been without opposition though.  Okay, lets level here – a LOT of opposition which has left me feeling vulnerable and very angry at times! I guess one can call this a righteous anger!

I picked up a book whilst working through some anger (okay, a LOT of anger last week) and was blown away by what I read. What I read was entitled ‘Blossoming Vines’ by Helen Rudolph. In it she says the following, Song Chp 2:13-15.

‘ The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me….. Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards are in bloom”

Foxes are crafty animals that destroy the vines. They symbolize an attitude of cunningness and selfish ambition that strives to fulfill its own desires. This selfish attitude was clearly seen in the life of Herod. (Luke 13:32, Acts 12:21-23) who in his selfishness was not concerned with the Kingdom of God. Yeshua called him a fox

God is the vine, and we are the branches. He insists we catch the foxes that destroy the new growth and tender grapes. It is the ‘seemingly unimportant’ things (little foxes) that seek to break our communion with God. Our God is jealous for us to guard the fruit we bear from its conception stage.  If unwatched or unguarded now, the little things can ruin it all.

I am dealing with some pesky and very annoying little foxes right now. They don’t feel so little actually, they feel huge! What do I plan to do with them? I would ideally love to set up a giant fox trap, you know, one of those gin traps with gigantic claws….. What I am rather going to do is attend to my vineyard and declare the Lord’s protection over it. I see the foxes and in God’s strength and power, I will not allow them entry or power over my crop.

Are there little foxes trying to destroy  your vines? Is your bloom and newness at risk of attack by the selfish desires of little foxes?

I challenge you to face your proverbial foxes in the strength of a mighty God and ask  Him to guard your blooming vineyard.  I will be honest enough to admit that I have recently felt like running and hiding from the foxes but alas, that would only be a temporary solution as somewhere someday they would re-appear!  So, I too have turned and am choosing to face some more fears and hurts head on!

Be alert for people or things that would love to see you fail or give up just before break through is near. DONT! Your crop is about to bloom, and it is going to be a sweet, fragrant and juicy crop. One that will be of the finest of them all! When that fragrance of vines rises up it will be such a beautiful testimony of God’s glory! wooohoooo!

Let me know when your crop is in bloom. Perhaps we can share a glass of the finest vino together;)