Bloom In The Desert

‘The exuberant joy of new things springs forth in former desert places.’

I am loving this sentence!

I find myself in a place of such peace and serenity with where I am at in life.  Admittedly, life has thrown me some ugly curve balls, but I do believe that I have allowed them to be used to develop my character.  I am now also equipped to help and encourage others who are enduring pain.

When I chose the name Dandeliondays and image for this blog it was because of what it symbolised for me.  When the dandelion is blown on, the seeds that are attached to it are dislodged. They are not just removed they are blown off and AWAY, to plant something NEW, somewhere new.

This happens in our life  – harsh gusts of wind in the forms of pain, divorce, sickness, death etc are blown our way.  Things happen that hurts us, but from those things can come growth.  I truly believe that I am a testimony to this.

I have spent the last few years, and especially the last year healing and growing. I am so amazed at how much I have grown and what I have learnt.

I have closed the doors to things that were harmful for me and said God, you open the right doors!

I have seen the growth from the pain, and wow, it is so great to see that I have VICTORY! I am happy where I am!  I have endured and overcome and am expectant of  joy and  blessings.

I am so looking forward to what lies ahead –  My future.

Along with God, I am moving forwards, onwards and upwards. What wonderful mysteries still await me? I am looking forward in excited expectancy to see what doors will open.  I know that they will only be the right ones, as my Heavenly Father wants only the best for me. That is why doors sometimes close, because God has BETTER that He wants to give  me (and you)!

As Joyce Meyers says, ‘In life you can either choose to let things make you bitter or better’. I have made the choice to be better!

What doors do you still have open that should be shut?

May I encourage  you to relinquish control and allow God to open the right doors for you? I have.

Forwards, Onwards and Upwards!