Are you Drive-through or Designer Dining?

Today’s post comes from a metaphor I thought of to help some of my friends through some rough patches. Quite often I have a heart-broken and unhappy face staring at me for answers. Often I don’t have them, and every now and then a genius metaphor comes to mind…
This particular metaphor has put a lot of things in perspective for me and quite a few of my friends. It goes something like this. ‘Are you Drive-Through or are you Designer Dining?’

I have noticed that so many of my beautiful and talented friends who are lovely and have high standards get so bashed down. They don’t know why guys don’t notice them or pursue them or put in the extra effort required when the going gets tough.  Then you see those same guys pursuing easy sleazy cheesy relationships instead. (This works both ways – so not just for men)

If being in a relationship with you is like having fine and designer dining (such as at the divine Ginger restaurant here in PE) you offer a classy experience, a well prepared and individually cooked meal, and a great atmosphere…but it is expensive and requires more commitment from your partner.

Juxtapose that against the McDonald’s around the corner. You can literally drive up to the window, demand what you want, slap the money on the counter, and within 3 minutes you get what you want……

See where I am going here?
The drive through type of relationship doesn’t require much of you or of your partner, but it fills one temporarily, yet leaves you feeling unsatisfied and prone to long-term health problems if you persist in eating this way.

So if we look at these two examples, what are you and what are you looking for?
If you are a Ginger type, and have McDonald’s knocking at your door, do you lower your standards and change the menu? HECK NO!! Should someone who is looking for a meaningful long-term dining experience go to a drive through? NO WAYS!!!
Don’t get despondent if someone has turned up their nose at the cost of a fine dining relationship with you, they obviously don’t have good taste. (no pun intended)

If you are wanting to find someone looking for a fine dining experience you need to look at what sort of a ‘menu’ and dining ‘experience’ you are putting out there.

Does a partner have to ‘make a reservation’ and agree to the fact that ‘right of admission is reserved’, or do you have bright neon lights pointing in your direction but then get despondent when the wrong type of person walks in?

Are you feeling despondent that no one is seeing your worth right now?
Hang on, don’t lose hope, or give in to speedy easy peasy drive through expectations!

I really encourage you to be the Designer Dining type. There are those who will do what ever it takes to enjoy your fine dining experience.

Just some ‘food’ for thought.
A proud ‘Ginger’