A Little Bird’s Big Celebration



There are so many different angles that I can take to write this particular post:  from how blessed I was on my birthday earlier this week,  how happy I am to be alive,  how God has helped me heal at a supernatural rate or even how much I really enjoy eating a really good cupcake (especially for breakfast)! So I will try to condense all these different topics and emotions into one post about an incredibly special birthday that I celebrated on Monday.

My family, (well, my sister and I) have something called a birthday week.  Not only do we celebrate on d-day or should I rather say b-day, we also have a  build up to the special day!  (No, not like MTV’s sweet sixteen bratzilla type birthday celebrations) and wow, did I have a birthday for the books!

It started off two days before my birthday, when one of my nearest and dearest friends arranged for me to have a day of all my favourite things. The love that  she showed me just totally bowled me over!  The care she took with all the details was so special. ‘A perfect day in the life of Cayly Robyn Jewel Warner’ is what she called it.  She fetched me early on saturday morning (the only not so perfect part;) and whisked me off for a day of favourites (all of which were a total surprise).  We drank tea and ate zoo biscuits (our thing), did our hair, baked cupcakes (the girliest ones ever imaginable) and I was then  taken for coffee at my favourite coffee shop. I must have had such a blank look upon my face when I walked in and saw friends of mine sitting with other friends of mine, and I thought to myself, hang on, how do they know each other?!! Duhhh… It was a surprise party for moi! It was SUCH a special and beautiful time, to have my close ladies (bar a few who couldn’t make it)  sitting in a sun light room sipping cappuccinos and celebrating my life.

My actual birthday was such a joy! It started off with breakfast with my family at a quirky new coffee shop called La Boca in Central (cnr Lawrence & Clyde to be precise). The owner made sure I felt celebrated and personally iced a beautiful white cupcake for me. I then spent the day coffee shop crawling (as opposed to pub crawling) with a few special friends. That evening I booked a table for a group of friends at another of my favourite restaurants, Charlies Superstar (clearly I enjoy a good coffee and chow?!) The restaurant has  a ‘lights out Monday’ where they turn off all the lights and light up the room with myriads of candles. It looked celebratory and majestic. The company, the music, the food. wow! I got into bed at the end of the day,with a cup of tea in hand and upon reflecting about the day, I  had a teary moment. I am just so moved by the incredibly wonderful people God has put in my life!

Two special song birds in my life even filled my heart with their precious melodies. My cousin, who  has such a beautiful voice, sang a cover of a Birdy song. Then another special friend, wrote a song just for me, sang it and sent it to me. She called it, Little Bird. I love the words of William Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ‘and Though she be but little, she is fierce!’ Hence some of the lyrics of my song, Little bird,

‘Little Bird
Do a little dance just for you
Though you’re small,
you’re the fiercest girl I ever knew
Little Bird”

My second name is Robyn, and one of my family’s nicknames for me is Cayly Tweet Tweet, so all things feather was quite apt!

I think this birthday was also symbolic for me as it is a new season in my life. It is also nearing the 3 year anniversary of the attack (2 October) and the court case looms, and is expected to finally get to a start on the 29th of October this year –  So celebrating life is definitely a priority:)

In the spirit of special occasions I was just reminded how we should celebrate life everyday, not just on birthdays..  Life is a gift that should not be taken for granted. In the same way we should also celebrate other’s lives with them too! I read a lovely quote that says, ‘Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.’