Facing my GI(ants)

This is probably one of the toughest articles I will ever write. There is so much for me to say, yet seemingly not enough words in the English language to do the emotions of facing my GIants justice.

I thought it best to give myself some time and space to reflect and recover and also to look at things from a distance (literally and figuratively as I went away on a little Vay Cay down the Garden Route after appearing in court). 

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With grace in my heart and flowers in my hair

I sat down and wrote this post late last night. I finished it and as I was fiddling with the finishing touches … poooooof it vanished! Clearly my computer thought it would make a yummy midnight snack! Agghhhhhhh how frustrating to have it vanish before my eyes! After a soothing cup of tea, I put my weary self to bed and decided to tackle it afresh today.

This past week has been a momentous one!

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Show Some Matryoshka!

When I was a little girl, I secretly hoped that Santa Claus and Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer would go to Russia en route to our home and leave a beautiful Babuschka doll under our Christmas tree, just for me. Each year I left him a mince pie and a chilled beer and although he left me wonderful gifts he still didn’t remember my Babuschka doll! I am still waiting, Santa – are you out there? I know I am all grown up now but I still fancy a Babuschka doll.

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A Little Bird’s Big Celebration



There are so many different angles that I can take to write this particular post:  from how blessed I was on my birthday earlier this week,  how happy I am to be alive,  how God has helped me heal at a supernatural rate or even how much I really enjoy eating a really good cupcake (especially for breakfast)! So I will try to condense all these different topics and emotions into one post about an incredibly special birthday that I celebrated on Monday.

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Blossoming Vines

I have entered a new and beautiful  season in my life, with God using me and my story to  speak hope and healing into the lives of  others. Wow, what a privilege this is!  It has not been without opposition though.  Okay, lets level here – a LOT of opposition which has left me feeling vulnerable and very angry at times! I guess one can call this a righteous anger!

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Spice of Life

I am an absolute movie junkie! I have a huge love of films, especially off beat or arty ones that are enriched with culture, life lessons, colour, humour, drama… and especially ones with which my own life resonates … and I hit a home run last night with ‘ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’.

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Trigger (un) Happy

We all have our little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make us unique. We also all have those little things that make us want to go apoplectic with anger and for someone who has been through a trauma, we also have those things that trigger us. I call this Trigger unHappy! According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word Trigger means the following.

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