Show Some Matryoshka!

When I was a little girl, I secretly hoped that Santa Claus and Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer would go to Russia en route to our home and leave a beautiful Babuschka doll under our Christmas tree, just for me. Each year I left him a mince pie and a chilled beer and although he left me wonderful gifts he still didn’t remember my Babuschka doll! I am still waiting, Santa – are you out there? I know I am all grown up now but I still fancy a Babuschka doll.

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A Little Bird’s Big Celebration



There are so many different angles that I can take to write this particular post:  from how blessed I was on my birthday earlier this week,  how happy I am to be alive,  how God has helped me heal at a supernatural rate or even how much I really enjoy eating a really good cupcake (especially for breakfast)! So I will try to condense all these different topics and emotions into one post about an incredibly special birthday that I celebrated on Monday.

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Blossoming Vines

I have entered a new and beautiful  season in my life, with God using me and my story to  speak hope and healing into the lives of  others. Wow, what a privilege this is!  It has not been without opposition though.  Okay, lets level here – a LOT of opposition which has left me feeling vulnerable and very angry at times! I guess one can call this a righteous anger!

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Spice of Life

I am an absolute movie junkie! I have a huge love of films, especially off beat or arty ones that are enriched with culture, life lessons, colour, humour, drama… and especially ones with which my own life resonates … and I hit a home run last night with ‘ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’.

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Trigger (un) Happy

We all have our little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make us unique. We also all have those little things that make us want to go apoplectic with anger and for someone who has been through a trauma, we also have those things that trigger us. I call this Trigger unHappy! According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word Trigger means the following.

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You Are Designer Original

I have just read a beautiful article written by TD Jakes that really caught my eye and I knew I just had to share this… It’s called, ‘Designer Original’.

“One of the things that makes high fashion designs so expensive is that they are one-of-a-kind creations. A woman who buys haute couture designs knows that she isn’t going to see her dress on any other woman.

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My Dear Deer

Warning: this post contains very real and authentic emotions putting me in a vulnerable position. So if mushy love puke is not your thing – move on.
For those of you who don’t know me… I am VERY sentimental and symbolic! (I will find a metaphor in most things)

So when a very precious friend gave me a gorgeous pair of swallow earrings today, my metaphoric mind started churning. I have a love of little birds like Swallows and Robins(my middle name is Robyn). I think they are the sweetest little things. I especially love what they symbolise. 

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Bloom In The Desert

‘The exuberant joy of new things springs forth in former desert places.’

I am loving this sentence!

I find myself in a place of such peace and serenity with where I am at in life.  Admittedly, life has thrown me some ugly curve balls, but I do believe that I have allowed them to be used to develop my character.  I am now also equipped to help and encourage others who are enduring pain.

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