Soufflé Pancake Craze Comes to Seoul!

Soufflé Pancake Craze Comes to Seoul!

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Midday Sun is a pancake, sandwich and coffee cafe run by a very stylish young Korean couple who have experience in coffee shops as well as being able to boast a major in cooking. If you watch the YouTube video in this blog post you’ll know that I was up past midnight looking for places online that would lead me to pancakes and a quirky cafe.

So, what exactly are soufflé pancakes? Think buttery soft, fluffy clouds melting in your mouth. Soufflé pancakes seem like a blend of fluffy American style pancakes and puffy egg whites all whipped together.

The soufflé pancake craze was already in full force in Japan by 2016. I have not as yet tried the Japanese soufflé pancake, but I recently visited Midday Sun in Gangdong-Gu, Seoul to try out South Korea’s version. I found Midday Sun on Instagram and insta-added it to my list. I liked the look of the cozy interior and the fact that my friend could bring her dog along to our brunch meeting. Lets just say, the pancakes and my experience there was sublime. I will confess that I went back the very next day! I just had to show off my newly discovered edible treasures to anyone and everyone!


They have an optional extra of fruit toppings – the standard one comes with blueberries, syrup and fresh cream. The standard goes at ₩10,000 and goes down well with a superb flat white at ₩4,000. Coffee Ambience supplies the coffee beans. Their ‘Carpenter’ espresso blend from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil has cup notes of orange, plum, black sugar and dark chocolate. Need I say any more? Actually, yes! The motive of this coffee is to connote feelings of balance and calm that one would find near woody trees. Talk coffee and trees…and I already start to feel the bliss!

We shared the pancakes and the Sun sandwich (₩6,500). The ciabatta bread sandwich is filled with ham, cheese, roasted tomatoes, onions and a delicious sauce. The soufflé pancakes are freshly whipped up per customer, so you can expect a wait of 20 minutes. In the meantime, enjoy listening to their good music (Cigarettes After Sex was playing whilst I was there) and appreciate the fresh bunches of cheerful charming sunflowers.

Within walking distance of Midday Sun you can find some other GREAT cafes and coffee roasters such as Cerulean and Factory Café and Just Roasters. Midday Sun is also walking distance from Olympic Park, which is BURSTING with autumnal cosmos at this time of year.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than feasting on pancakes, sandwiches and coffee with fabulous friends.
Midday Sun’s aim is to be like a hot day, so the name seems perfectly fitting!

midday sun카페,디저트
서울 강동구 양재대로91나길 55
지번서울 강동구 성내동 432-4
Seoul, Gangdong-gu, Seongnae-dong, 432-4
화요일 11:00~22:00
수요일 11:00~22:00 더보기
아메리카노 3,500
수플레팬케이크 10,000