Happiness Is Home Made Jam / Spring Jam Recipe

Spring season in South Korea is by far my favourite. Cue blossoms, pretty colours and an abundance of strawberries. I was given a HUGE box of strawberries as a gift and even after enjoying plenty bowls of strawberry and yoghurt for breakfast, I was still left with too many strawberries. I dislike wasting fresh fruit so I decided to make strawberry and black currant jam. It was so delicious and I especially enjoyed slathering it on toasted bread with ghee and slices of fried banana.

Watch the video above for the recipe.


Happy jamming



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  • Lauren Mungur May 29, 2017   Reply →

    Looks soooo yummy
    We love strawberrries – when they are not sweet enough, my little kiddies pull sour faces as if they ate lemons hehehe


    • Cayly June 9, 2017   Reply →

      They will need to come and visit Korea to try these strawberries 🙂 <3

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