A Taste Of Hong Kong

I recently spent a couple of balmy days visiting Hong Kong. My experiences there are hard to sum up in words. Instead, I have compiled a vlog with some of the highlights of my time in Hong Kong. I was blessed to be hosted by a dear friend, Eleni. She was so kind and hospitable. She knew where all the hot spots (and air-conditioned spots) were. 

My time in Hong Kong was short but will forever leave its mark on me. I will now always associate swelteringly hot weather and a plethora of ice cream sandwiches with Hong Kong. The best ice cream sandwich I enjoyed during my trip was from Elephant Grounds Cafe in Sheung Wan. I chose their flavour of the week, the “OG Espresso Fudge”. This option consisted of a coffee chocolate chunk ice cream, made from their own house espresso, sandwiched between two butter cookies, and then finished with crushed raw almonds. It was the perfect treat for a hot day touring around.

One Authentic Life HK 3

One Authentic Life HK 2

One Authentic Life HK

One Authentic Life HK 9

One Authentic Life HK 6

The places that are featured in the vlog are the following:

The 3D Pulse Light Show

Elephants Grounds Coffee 

Munchies Ice Cream Parlour & Bakery


Enjoy watching this vlog and adding these places to your must visit list!

I’ll be sharing more about my time in Hong Kong in the next few weeks.



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  • Merle Millar August 4, 2015   Reply →

    A wealth of memories one can never take away from you. Wow!

    • Cayly March 23, 2016   Reply →

      Exactly!! The gift of travel eh? !

  • Jann Warner August 4, 2015   Reply →

    Thank you for sharing your Hong Kong adventures. Your video is awesome. It’s quirky, imaginative, creative and really well done.

    • Cayly March 23, 2016   Reply →

      Thank you so much!!! xx

  • jade August 4, 2015   Reply →

    Amazing! These will be on my to do list! !!

    • Cayly March 23, 2016   Reply →

      Hows that to do list doing?? 😉

  • Sarah August 5, 2015   Reply →

    Brilliant! love how you’ve captured it! works so well visually! take me to elephant grounds ??????

    • Cayly March 23, 2016   Reply →

      Thanks so much Sarah! When do we leave?? 😉

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