Vegan Cafes In Seoul – Pyeongsangshi 평상시

Choco Mint Cupcakes (topped with coconut cream frosting)

Why would anybody want to eat vegan cake if it tastes like cardboard? Well…. that was my misconception with regards to vegan-baked goodies. I have tried to cut out dairy and eggs from my baking as both are making me feel gross…. So I found myself trying out some vegan recipes. It’s taken me a good few tries to find workable substitutes for things like eggs, butter etc. but every now and then I get it right!!

I recently relocated from outlying Dongtan to Seoul. Most people would probably unpack first and settle in…No, not I. My first priority? Find good coffee, stat!

After much Instagram and blog searching I was thrilled to find a delightful cafe about twenty minutes away from my apartment. I was even more delighted to read that all the baked goodies are vegan, which meant no egg and dairy!! Yay

Pyeongsangshi is now on my list of regular cafes. The owners are super friendly and mostly chat to me in English, which is really helpful when your’e tired and still working on expanding your Korean vocab to be able to have a decent conversation. Even Starky, their gorgeously cute dog, makes sure everyone gets a friendly welcome. I’m not sure what I enjoy more, the music, the dog, the delicious treats or the home made syrups used in the rose and lavender lattes. Let’s not forget the coffee. For non-vegans there is normal milk, and coconut milk for vegans.

Dajeong co-owner and baker says, “I enjoy baking all kinds of vegan things. I feel especially good baking vegan stuff, not only for people to eat but also for other lives including the earth. I don’t get this feeling when I bake using traditional recipes and methods.”

She recently found herself absorbed in baking cupcakes. She’s having so much fun testing, creating great vegan frosting and good matches between flavors and toppings.


Cashew milk rose latte



I highly recommend that you visit Pyeongsangshi if you enjoy delicious cake and cookies (regardless of their vegan heritage) On the two occasions I’ve selected something sweet to try, I have thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and textures.  They somehow manage to still keep the density and moisture in their cakes. I’m still trying to figure out what the secret is to their rich and gooey chocolate brownies. (Perhaps I’ll post a second feature on the blog when I figure it out?!)

The red velvet cupcake my friend ordered was the real deal red velvet (red beets not food coloring) The baker emphasises how she wants to minimize any artifical trimmings.

The gingerbread sheet cake with its white frosting could have fooled me that it was anything other than a regularly delicious cake. Every day there are fresh treats put out temptingly on display. Deeply rich avocado brownies or dark chocolate oat cookies anyone??

This cafe has only been open since December but they already have a winning formula. Don’t be too suprised if you bump in to me there, tucking in to a London fog cupcake..

Lavender latte


Rose latte and Gingerbread sheet cake

The minimalist decor, huge windows and uplifting jazz music instantly help relax me. I can breathe with ease here. The owners wanted to create a cafe space where people feel free to come and go like one would a friends home. The old traces of Korean yesteryear can still be felt in the building.

Where’s your favorite vegan Cafe? It’s going to need to be really-really special to attract me away from Pyeongsangshi.

Dairy-free hugs and kisses from Seoul.


Pyeongsangshi 平常時 평상시

Tue-Sun 11:00 – 20:00 Mon Closed


Location:458-67 Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea