World Aeropress Championship | Ticket Giveaway

Photo by: @aryanjoshani

MANY friends and colleagues around me are beyond excited for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics… Don’t get me wrong, that is massively exciting, but right now what is really lighting my olympic flame so to speak is a competition and international challenge of a different format…The olympics of coffee is here. The World Barista championship and the word AeroPress championship. The Seoul Cafe show will showcase these events as well as many other exhibitors at this years exhibition taking place in Gangnam Seoul.

Huh? What is this? Each nation holds a competition at provincial and then at national level. The best of the best have to beat the best. Each national champion then competes at a global level at a prestigious event held once a year. The winer is basically the king or queen of coffee. Past winners have written books, launched world renowned cafes and become global coffee superstars.

This year, the biggest AeroPress championship to date will take place.

“Since March this year, more than 3,000 people have taken an AeroPress onto a stage and brewed the best cup of coffee they could. “- worldaeropress organisation

“In 2008, a good and simple idea came to coffee industry luminaries Tim Wendelboe and Tim Varney — wouldn’t it be fun to see who could brew the best cup of AeroPress coffee?
And with that simple idea, the World AeroPress Championship was born. The first competition took place in a small room in Oslo, with only three competitors and Wendelboe as the judge. It was a modest and understated affair. ”

“Like many ideas good and simple, the competition has since grown organically, and now spans 120 regional and national events taking place in over 60 countries. Each season now sees more than 3,000 competitors getting involved, and yet, despite its size, the competition remains a fun, inclusive and light-hearted pursuit.”

What exactly is an AeroPress? Well, lets turn to old faithful, wikipedia.

An AeroPress is a cylinder device used to make coffee. The process uses full water immersion and air pressure. Some people say they actually prefer the result of aeropress method to that of an espresso machine.

Photo by @hisaofurukawa

If you are currently in Korea you are in luck, because you can attend the world AeroPress championship this Thursday the 9th of November at Cafe Alver in Gangnam, 7-9pm.

I’m doing a ticket giveaway and have 2 free tickets to attend the competition so be sure to enter by doing these 2 easy steps
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2. Comment on the photo to tell me who you want to take with.

The giveaway will close on Wednesday, November 8th 2017.

Alternatively you can purchase tickets online here:

AeroPress championship organizers (from left)
Kershia Wong, Tim Varney and Tim Williams.

Why is this interesting for you to watch? Sipping a beer with people who love coffee and culture sounds like a great Thursday night to me. Not only are the aeropress crowd a group of non conformists (they choose to make coffee NOT using espresso machines, the best coffee is judged by a panel of judges, and on the count of three, they point at the best coffee…sounds like a whole lot of fun!
“A kind of free-wheeling ‘fuck­-off’ to the all­-too­-serious world of coffee competitions, the World AeroPress Championship is independent, and it does not suck.”

– Jordan Michelman,

I am a sucker for good marketing and packaging so to speak. I marvel at how much effort goes into the Aeropress competition posters. Every countries’ poster has so much thought and creativity put in to it.

I’ll love and leave you with some examples of the Aeropress posters.
Hope you get to the championship.