The Fragrance of Love

The sense of smell is such a formidable phenomenon. It conjures up memories, both good and bad, it reminds us of certain people or places and can even evoke certain emotions.

I have a finely tuned olfactory system that delights in the smell of most things. I associate the smell of suntan lotion and the sea with Summer; aromatic curry and the burning wood of an indoor fire burning with Winter. Although wonderful, the smell of blossoms and flowers in Spring play havoc with my sinuses and put me into allergy alert! No matter where I may find myself in the world one day, the smell of cakes and biscuits being baked will always remind me of home. And as for the smell of roasted coffee beans – oh boy, lets not even go there! Have you ever driven along Russell Road whilst James Masterton is roasting exotic coffee beans from faraway places? It virtually transports me to another realm! Talking about faraway places, my nose thoroughly approves of the fragrance of fine French perfumes. Okay, so I have expensive taste! (you may wish to pass this info along to Santa as a teeny bottle of a Chanel, a Guerlain or a Givenchy would fit rather snugly into my Christmas stocking haha just saying). The smell in a Dentist’s room is enough to make me break out into a sweat long before the drill and needles even appear. Do you remember the smell of textbooks, wooden school desks and plastic lunchboxes to which the smell of sandwiches linger long after they have been devoured?
When something gives off a fragrance, it sets a tone in the air. If a flower is blossoming it will let off a sweet nectar smell that attracts bees and butterflies. If something is past its sell by date it will give off a rotten penicillin type odour and repel. Have you ever wondered what sort of fragrance your life gives off? (not speaking literally here, of course)
With things in full swing regarding the upcoming court case, I met with the advocate earlier this week to prepare for what lies ahead. Knowing that this is a very tough time, my friends arranged a surprise tea party the night before the meeting. Yes, you may have noticed that my friends have all been an incredible support. Having said that, they have been somewhat sneaky at orchestrating functions without my knowledge! I have always thought I put Nancy Drew to shame with my ability to find stuff out but somehow they have managed to pull off surprise parties without me suspecting a thing! Incredible! So, on Thursday, I yet again walked unsuspectingly into the apartment of a close friend and was met by a room of friendly and familiar faces all there to surprise me and remind me that I am loved and not alone. The friend who hosted the party is a newly qualified Textile Designer (well almost, as she finishes her studies this week). She designed and screen-printed Matryoshka dolls on fabric from which she made beautiful bunting with which to decorate the room. I was given a Matryoshka doll by a special cousin (she beat Santa to it). See a previous post on Matryoshka Dolls to know how very much this meant to me.
These precious people blessed me with their presence, presents, prayers and hugs. What a sweet and beautiful aroma that gave off…now thats what I call the fragrance of love!
The next day after all the tough and gritty legal prepping was completed, I arrived home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my favourite colours of yellow and purple. A generous gesture from special family friends to surround my life with beauty and a sweet fragrance, especially at this time. Wow!
And there was more to follow – a letter and beautiful brooch sent all the way from Sweden from a very dear friend who is currently studying there! My heart was so carried and held tightly under Gods feathery and comforting ‘eagles wings’.
Yesterday, a longstanding family friend who owns the Arum health and beauty hydro treated my mom and I to a neck and back massage. She has graciously and generously and gently pampered my body with so many treats over the last three years. Guess what the aromatherapy oil that she used was called??? ‘A Better Day’, I kid you not! And by the end of all that wonderful pampering and the exquisite smell of the oils, we were both having a MUCH better day! A glass of vino followed and we did a ‘ching-ching’ to life! (that’s our thing).
Lets be mindful of what fragrance our lives emit. Be sure to surround yourself with beautiful scents both literally and figuratively.
As TD Jakes says, ‘You must be wise. If not, you will create a cold war that will leave you alone with bitterness and sad memories. Hostility will cause you to be left with thanksgiving turkeys to eat all by yourself. It is not worth it. The fragrance of love is sweet. With wisdom and grace and prayer, you can enjoy it all the days of your life.’
Right now, the smell of freshly roasted coffee is beckoning me.

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  • Merle Lynne Millar October 29, 2012   Reply →

    This was an awesome read, Cayly. Such a warm story filled with the love of friends and family but also a message to those out there who fail to forgive graciously and who fail to realise that life is far too short to not seize the moment, grab it with both hands and bless those around us… God Bless as we face these weeks. May good triumph over evil… Love you much….always.

    • dandeliondays December 1, 2012   Reply →

      Thank you for the kind words:) may the sweet fragrance of grace continue to breeze in our lives. X

  • Michele October 29, 2012   Reply →

    Bright and yellow, bright and yellow and heaps of excitement… Praying for you as this week kicks off* Keep strong precious. We all love you lots xx

    • dandeliondays December 1, 2012   Reply →

      Definitely lots of bright and yellow! Lots of excitement to look forward to! Love you!

  • Pam Booth-Jones October 29, 2012   Reply →

    Oh, Cayly!!! Such a wonderful response to your tough time ahead….I could relate totally to your love of fragrance – my granny smelt of naartjies, and my very favourite fragrance of all time is that of English Violets. (Their colour is my love language, and wearing purple gives me the boost I need when things are not all hunky dory!) Julia and I had the extraordinary pleasure of going to Penhaligons (By Appointment to Her Maj QEII and the late Diana, Princess of Wales) in Regent Street, London, where they have conjured up fragrances that go straight to one’s head! Of course they had the English Violet one, so we had to break the bank to splash out on that one!! Our spiritual fragrances are the prayers we set forth before God so we are on the right track here : Psalm 141:2
    Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.
    Lots of love and prayers to you as you go through this next process
    Pam xxxx000xxxx

    • dandeliondays December 1, 2012   Reply →

      Ah what a lovely comment! Thank you, Pam. Such a beautiful memory! Xx

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