The Art Of Overcoming

This past weekend has been a rough one, with extreme highs and extreme lows. I love being creative and find doing something arty so therapeutic. I see a psychologist once a month since the attack (initially once a week) and she has encouraged me to be creative as a form of relaxation. I find writing this blog to be quite therapeutic too. Thanks:)
Today I took some time to be creative and reflect on this last weekend. I have such incredible friends who have prayed me through the toughest of times.

Last year was a particularly difficult year. I lost my dog, my boyfriend and our home all in a short space of time. Ever since then I have been showered with prophetic words, kind gifts and loving words and scriptures spoken over me. I decided today to take some of these things and be creative with them. I framed some of the prophecies and verses I have been given, to honour them and to remind myself of what God thinks of me.

Yay for redefining, newness and rising to new places.
I am so looking forward to the exciting adventures God has in store for me, and looking at these words is just a reminder.
This is how I have found comfort in a difficult situation.  It may inspire you to be creative and find hope in the midst of things.