Taking back power… one step at a time!

Today I am more excited than your average person about a pair of running shoes. New running shoes with which I was blessed with to be precise! They are Fierce!! These are not only just any old running shoes… these running shoes symbolize and represent so much to me…

They represent a sense of freedom, a sense of overcoming and a sense of redefining.

You see, I used to run. (not professionally but for fun & exercise) Whilst growing up I was never ‘sporty’. I was faced with SO many health challenges that sport seemed like an impossibility! From Asthma to eczema to being critically ill when I was 15, when I was hospitalized with Erythroderma, a health complication that rendered me ill and bed ridden for most of that year. My hands and feet looked like that of a burn victims and my protein in my body was attacked So much so that my joints still self dislocate. (trusting for full healing) Anyway, you get the point… NO SPORT!

So when I started running later on in life and dancing at theatre school, I had never felt or looked better. Wowzers, I had legs to kill!! (we sometimes needed to strap my shoulder in place but those legs…wow)

I ran the very day of my attack. I felt a sense of unease in my spirit (my discerning spirit). A few mere hours before my life would forever be changed I was fit – and felt free enough to run.

This all stopped after the attack. I tried many times but to no avail. Between recovering, feeling weak, vulnerable or unsafe, my exercise  went downhill (literally and figuratively) haha!

I’ve now made a decision to get back there, to reclaim just one of the many things taken from me. It’s a time to redefine, to take back and empower myself.

I’m pretty sure you, reading this, have an area in your life that you need to take back and redefine. I’d recommend taking baby steps at first and then ‘running’. Redefining can be hard at first but boy can it be fruitful. Ask God if there is an area in your life that you should be redefining and claiming back ground on. Think about it… I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to look at those ol ‘tekkies’ in the same way again:)