Snuggle Up At These 4 Seoul & Suwon Specialty Cafes This Winter


This cold weather sure knows how to reach right inside to your core! The winter chill seems to be worse this year (or so I keep telling myself this to justify the umpteenth cup of hand drip coffee or slice of cake)

During a cold spell, it’s only human nature (or forest animal-ish nature) to seek a cozy and warmer area, forage for good food and rest…. so, I challenge the inner brown bear in all of you- find some good carbs, a warm nook and snuggle up. Who says you can’t hybernate in style?!

Here are my fave cafes’ in Gyeonggi-do to snuggle up in this winter. Ill tell you why you should visit them and give you a sneak peak… Please let me know if you visit these cafes’ or if you have other favourite winter hangouts. 

Yookgongsa 604

Where? 279-20, Junghwa-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul. Google map

Tue- Sat 12:00-21:00 (Closed Sun-Mon)

Instagram page 

Why? The creamiest grilled cheese sandwiches.. (like REAL cheese) or toast with smashed avocado and Vancouver lattes (Fritz coffee beans and maple syrup make a great combination)

The owner grew up in Vancouver and is happy to greet and chat in English.

What should you try? Grilled cheese sandwich and a Vancouver latte.


Jun Ji Young Coffee Roasters

Where? 13, Jeongjo-ro 905Beon-gil, Suwon, Korea. Closed on Monday.

Instagram Page

Why? This ULTRA cool cafe has a winning formula. Cafe owners who are SERIOUS about good coffee, trendy decor on the multi level premises, coffee roasted in-house and yummy freshly baked treats.

What should you try? A black americano… Jun Ji Young is a cafe and roastery. If you are lucky you will be there when they are roasting a batch of beans down stairs…. The smells are beyond amazing. I gobbled up an almond croissant that JUST came out of the oven.

Wicker Park

Where? 58-1 Songpadong, Jamsil. In winter, open 12:00- 22:00

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Why? Blues and Jazz vinyls playing on the turn table, lattes with wonderful chocolatey and caramel notes and S’mores. Wicker Park is situated very close to Lotte World Mall. So, I highly suggest forgoing the cafes in the mall and going instead to Wicker Park. The atmosphere and warm lighting is PERFECT for a rainy day.

What should you try? A cafe latte. The milk texture in the latte and crema from the coffee are lovely.


Nontanto Sand Coffee

Where? Sinsadong 544-23, Gangnam, Seoul.

Open daily from 9:00-23:00

Instagram page

Nontanto website

Why? Coffee is prepared using a traditional greek or turkish method, Cezve. The coffee and water is heated and extracted using sand. The sand is heated to high temperatures of 300 degrees celsius. This method is fascinating to watch as well as great in heating up the whole cafe.

The owner (or barista?) who was working on the day I visited was very friendly and chatted to me in English. He patiently explained the different coffees and methods.

What should you try? Any of the coffees are great. I tried the original Cezve black, to truly appreciate the flavours.