LATTES & LOVE: Trailer

 Lattes & Love

A 10 part documentary series that shares the untold stories of women of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Stories that leave a mark.
These inspiring ladies all share their stories over a cup of coffee with Cayly.


I have been SO excited to launch this project. It started off as just a few dreams and ideas being thrown around. These ideas then grew…and this documentary series was born. As most of you know I have a serious weakness for coffee, and enjoy sharing stories with friends whilst sipping a delicious and frothy cuppa java…

I started noticing that when I shared my story with other ladies, they felt a lot more comfortable to share their experiences of life with me. All women have a story. They are all different and vary in content. Every story is worth sharing. Every dream worth speaking.

Join us on this journey…
I look forward to sharing our stories with you.
So grab a cappuccino or your caffeine of choice…and get ready!

First episode Coming November 2013!