This is the fifth part of the statement that my mom read in court.


To eliminate the risk of contracting HIV, Cayly had to be given a course of Antiretroviral medication. She experienced no side effects during the first two weeks of taking the medication but during the next two weeks was confined to bed as she experienced constant nausea and vomiting and became weak and ill and anaemic. We were so concerned that being ill would negate the effect of the antiretrovirals.

She was given various dates over the course of the next year on which she had to be tested for HIV. Having the blood tests done and awaiting the results was so incredibly stressful. We felt anxious and fearful each time we awaited the HIV test results. When the negative results came back after the first 30 day test we wept and wept with relief. We went through the same high emotions each time the doctor gave us feedback. The final all-clear was received over a year later. We wept and celebrated all at the same time.

We also had to face concerns of pregnancy and were most relieved that she wasn’t.

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