Chrysalis of Life

The idea of ‘growing up’ seemed like a phenomenon that wasn’t going to happen to me (well not for a long while).  I have solemnly sworn that I will always dance in the rain, bake cupcakes and ice them with icing that is WAY too bright,  wear bows in my hair, and talk and laugh loudly.

But without even realising it I have grown up so much.  I have matured so much so that I sometimes hardly recognise myself.  Growing is inevitable, but I guess  ‘growing up’  is dependant on our willingness to go through (situations some nice, some not so nice) and learning from them.  In overcoming many difficult challenges, I guess my maturing process was accelerated in the ‘fast track’ lane! I didn’t choose what happened to me but I could choose my attitude towards what had happened. As unsettling as change is, especially when it is unpleasant and traumatic, it is necessary in order for us to grow, and grow I certainly have!

I don’t actually like the term, ‘growing up’, I prefer words like  acquiring wisdom and maturity, gaining experience and overcoming.   So yes, in the chrysalis of life, I would like to believe that I am maturing into a wise woman who still happens to enjoy brightly coloured cupcakes, wears bows and head-bands and size 3 shoes!

In my eyes, the very essence of life and growth is a sheer miracle! Today my sister and her hubby went to the doctor for her 5 month scan, and let me just get it out there as I am so excited I can’t contain myself, ‘I’m going to be an AUNT, and I am going to have a squishy NEPHEW’!!!!! So I suppose I will now need to bake bright BLUE cupcakes instead?!

The very first scan showed that this little ‘life’ in my sister’s tummy barely measured 6mm’s.  And the latest scan shows that he is now nearly the size of a ruler and has calf muscles that would make David Beckam jealous! Wow, the wonder of Creation Life!

 I was reminded again today, just how precious life is. I live near a hospital and today has been a high accident day, and I have heard plenty of ambulances rushing past. I hate the sound of the sirens. It’s still a real trigger for me. Not only does it remind me of when I myself needed emergency services to come to my rescue, but it also reminds me of the fragility of life.

 Life is fragile. It can end in a blink of an eye… So let’s celebrate life!

Celebrate the sights, the smells, the sounds,  and even the challenges because the fact that we are having them means that we still have Life!

So here is to growth, to life, to appreciating each and every moment and to making each and every moment count! Celebrate the small things, the big things and the growth in-between.

It is so wonderful to be alive!



PS… I’m off to bake some extra sparkly and sprinkly cupcakes!

My nephew