Cayly’s Health Takes A Tumble

This is the seventh part of the impact statement that my mom read in court.

Cayly’s Health Takes a Tumble

Cayly’s health has been adversely impacted:

• She had been free of asthma for many years but it re-occurred after the attack and she still requires asthma medication
• She takes medication to aid her in sleeping at night and is on an antidepressant.
• Cayly still tires easily especially when in a large group of people or with strangers as she constantly does safety scans.
• We all have had extensive therapy – we had for a year and Cayly had extensive on-going therapy for three and a half years.

She was unable to continue her fulltime performing arts studies as she wasn’t physically and emotionally up to it. She changed to part-time studies which mean that she has taken longer to complete her studies. She did her final Trinity Licentiate practical exam on the 3 June of this year, the very same day that the trial resumed. It wasn’t easy for her doing a performance based exam on the same day in a building a stones throw away from the High Court where court proceedings were underway.

Although she resumed her part-time student job she later resigned as she was struggling with feelings of safety. This had a direct impact on her finances and her sense of independence.

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