Where to take the the bloomin prettiest flower photos in Seoul

Seoul is covered with rusty autumnal colours. (One of my favourite colour palettes of ‘Mother Natures’)

The leaves are turning brown, crispy and starting to fall en masse on to the streets resulting in that glorious crunchy noise when you step on them. But, somewhere in-between the shades of orange and brown are shades of white, pink and purple. Cosmos! There are plenty of these beautiful blooms popping up in several places. One of those spots happens to be right near Seoul forrest in Seongsu-dong. I recently went for a stroll there with my family who were visiting for Chuseok. It’s so relaxing and visually a treat for the eyes.

So, if you are in the area, I suggest you head down there ASAP. The nearest subway is Seoul Forrest. (The yellow subway line)

The forrest is beautiful to walk through as well as to have a picnic on a warm enough day. There were families all sitting under the trees with snacks and some kids were riding their bicycles.

The view is all very picturesque and idyllic. The cosmos spot you are looking for is next to the butterfly and insect house. There are maps everywhere so make sure you orientate yourself and look for the butterfly and insect house.

Another great spot to find beautifully bright and cheerful flowers in in Haneul Park (Sky Park), in Mapo-gu.  The whole park is lovely to walk through. You’ll see kids flying kites with their parents, silver long grass and then, golden buttery sunflowers!! The closest subway to the park is the World Cup Stadium Station. (Brown line 9) There are three parks in total, but time was running out on us and we only had time to explore Haneul park and not the other (apparently as beautiful) parks.


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I hope you have a blooming marvellous week!