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“These are a few of my favourite things.”

– Oscar Hammerstein



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Dairy Free Lattes in Seoul / Hip New Cafes In Seoul

  I have developed an increasingly bad allergy to milk. Whenever I drink milk or eat something with dairy in […]

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Seoul Cafe Tour Vlog / My Favorite Vegan Bakery / Vegan Lavender Lattes

If you are in need of a non dairy latte, are curious about the amazing cafes in Seoul or just […]

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Vegan Cafes In Seoul - Pyeongsangshi 평상시

Why would anybody want to eat vegan cake if it tastes like cardboard? Well…. that was my misconception with regards […]

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Snuggle Up At These 4 Seoul & Suwon Specialty Cafes This Winter

  This cold weather sure knows how to reach right inside to your core! The winter chill seems to be […]

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