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“These are a few of my favourite things.”

– Oscar Hammerstein



Recent Articles

Baking in Seoul- Carrot & Tangerine Cake- Slowbox Review

Kitchens in most Seoul apartments are VERY dinky. If you are a teacher in Korea (like I am) you will […]

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Incheon's hottest cafe- WKND LOUNGE 위크앤드 라운지

A spacious, airy and well light space. WKND lounge cafe consists of two floors with lots of room to think, […]

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Seoul's Must Try Latte Trends

Seoul was the host city of the 2017 World Barista Championship competition as well as the World Aero Press competition. […]

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Soufflé Pancake Craze Comes to Seoul!

Soufflé Pancake Craze Comes to Seoul! Midday Sun is a pancake, sandwich and coffee cafe run by a very stylish […]

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